SFD provides instant insights into the latest update operational and financial data on a company


Financial decision-makers benefit from viewing and analyzing companies' past year financial performance, with percentile and plotted graph.


This feature empowers you to filter through thousands of companies to find the few that meet your preferred criteria.


Investors benefit from browse through original Profit & Loss, Balance Sheet, and Cash Flow Statement.


It is crucial to know who your competitors are and how your business stacks up against them in the evolving market.


A full spectrum tool to assist financial decision-makers to measure industry financial performance.

Provide instant insights into a company's corporate profile, directorship, up to 5-years financial figures in Income Statement, Balance Sheet and Cash Flow Statements & 17 financial ratios, and DP Credit Rating.
View and analyze companies' past year financial performances in absolute figures and ratios, with computed % and plotted graph.
Filter by 8 search criteria to identify Singapore's public and private companies that matches your requirements for research & analysis.
Save the hassle of data-entry with a click of a button to download the latest Profit & Loss, Balance Sheet, and Cash FlowStatement of a company in MS Excel or Portable Document Format (PDF)
Take on a holistic 4-prong approach of analysing a selected company to its peers of similar characteristics.
A powerful benchmarking tool that features the industry medians of the 12 broad business sectors in Singapore, and delve deeper to examine these industries in greater details by sub-sector and turnover size.